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The Compromise Trap

The Compromise TrapStay true to yourself and be a positive force at work.

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The resources here are design to help you go further with making your mission real, and applying the ideas in The Compromise Trap.

Visit our eStore to order The Compromise Trap or browse upcoming workshops and events. Or click on any category below to download a variety of articles, activities and tools.


The WorkLore eStore

Order your signed copy of The Compromise Trap or browse upcoming workshops and events for leaders, teams, and individuals.

Diagnostic Questionnaires

Get a personalized report describing your strengths and areas for development in staying true to yourself… and risks to watch for in your organization.

Decision-point Tools

Quick how-tos for sorting out healthy and unhealthy compromise, crafting an effective storyline, mapping out an execution plan, and more.


Activities for individuals and small groups, plus suggestions for hosting larger conversations or starting your own ongoing group.

Articles & White Papers

Publications on compromise, learning, story, and building learning communities.

Podcasts & Video

Audio and video files related to The Compromise Trap or other aspects of making your mission real.

Further Reading & Links

Books, articles, and links to recommended sources related to The Compromise Trap, getting the real story, leveraging constructive conflict, and more.

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